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Agricultural Automation supplies equipment for intensive agriculture Australia wide. We have products suited to all facets of the poultry industry including broilers, pullets and layers, as well as greenhouses, rabbit farms and hobby farms.

We are Australian distributors for the following major systems, including:-

  • Feeding Systems
  • Drinking Systems
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Nesting Systems
  • Cage Systems
  • Alarm Systems

  • Agricultural Automation also supplies Environment Control Systems and many ancillary products.
    Our market share has been growing strongly and we now have agents in all states.

    Our Products

    When compiling our product range we have deliberately chosen suppliers with good track records for not only quality products but for innovation, after sales service, industry experience and expertise. Our policy is to supply sturdy, reliable products that suit farms that will be operating many years into the future.

    We highly value the cordial relationships we have built with our suppliers, dealers and advisors as we all must work together to provide effective, timely solutions, and meet the changing demands of our customers.