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Zucami Cage System

Designed under the strictest quality criteria with one sole objective: to provide the birds with the best environment to obtain the best production results. The ZUCAMI vertical battery is designed so that its materials are very much like Meccano, requiring no screws, hooks or staples to be assembled.

Mesh floor, hot galvanised then welded or cold galvanised and laminated. More dense mesh is used in the area where the birds gather ensuring greater comfort and safety, avoiding leg and claw injuries.

Flexible, uniform and solid surface for quick exit of the cleaner eggs free of breakages. Galvanised tubular legs inside each panel giving solidity to the overall battery.

Dividers in green, giving greater tranquillity and less stress in the bird compartment with openings to contribute to maximum interior ventilation.

Easy access, door fitted with simple and safe lock (unique in the market). When opened, leaves the whole front area free, facilitating the handling of the birds without harming or hurting them.

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