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"LEO" SKA Feed Pan

LEO, the high performance feeding system The new LEO broiler pan feeding system, with centralised feed level adjustment, represents a major technological innovation, specially developed to meet the needs of modern poultry management.
Nowadays it is important to choose feeding systems which minimise feed waste, require less labour and help to maintain excellent hygienic conditions for the birds. Although it joins the ranks of automatic auger-type broiler feeders, LEO is different because it has been designed and constructed to meet specific objectives:

  • to feed day-old chicks without the need for supplementary feeders;
  • to teach chicks to feed from outside the pan;
  • to reduce feed waste of older birds;
  • to convert the chick feed pans to grower feeders with one single movement for the whole line.
  • LEO, right from day one
    LEO feeds young chicks right from the start without the need of providing supplementary pans or trays. Thanks to the formation of a plentiful cone of feed and a pan with a height of only 7,5 cm, day old chicks can feed without difficulty.

    LEO, no more walking about in the pan
    LEO teaches the chicks to remain outside the pan, thanks to the feed-retaining arches which, from day 3 onwards, prevent the chicks from getting into the pan.

    LEO minimises feed waste
    Testing the LEO feeder on commercial farms showed that it reduces feed waste regardless of the age of the birds. The specially designed retaining arches encourage the birds to feed from the centre of the pan, preventing them from pushing the feed towards the rim, a vital consideration in the prevention of waste. The feed level can be easily changed using the regulator ring which offers 5 setting options. As a final precaution, a 4 mm antiwaste lip inside the rim of the pan prevents any actual spillage of feed.

    LEO reduces labour
    LEO allows the poultryman to convert the whole line with one movement. The special SKA patented system using a lifting winch allows the situation to be changed from a plentiful supply of feed for young chicks to controlled feeding for the remainder of the growing period. At the end of the flock cycle, a one-handed movement of the unhooking switches returns the feed pan ready for chick feeding again.


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    "LYRA" SKA Multipurpose Feed Pan

    Lyra multipurpose pan feeder is the new SKA pan feeder has been designed to guarantee excellent results with broilers, turkeys, ducks, guinea-fowl, commercial layers and cockerels.

    The special grid shape and the central ring let chicks use the pan but discourages them from stepping into it and, at the same time, they assure the maximum feed access. The special edge reduces to a minimum the feed waste in all conditions, including use by ducks, guinea-fowl and commercial layers. Besides, perching on the edge, day-old chicks can easily reach into the pan and after the first 8-10 days, they start to feed from outside of the pan.

    In this way, LYRA achieves the double aim of improving the growing time in the first period and maintaining clean feed during the whole cycle. The slot between the grid and the pan edge allows any spillage to fall back into the pan, so recycling the small quantity of feed which is usually wasted as a result of bird movement close to the pan. For turkeys 55/60 days old and for ducks 40/45 days old an extension collar with recesses is available, to increase the diameter of the feeding space.

    The SKA patented system known for the centralised adjustment of the level of the feed in the pans has been further improved. At the beginning of the cycle one of the three feed levels is selected. With a simple and easy operation you can put the feeder into the cleaning position where it is free to turn around the drop tube under a jet of water.

    The smooth surfaces, the hinged pan and the "clean position" assure a quick and effective cleaning. Changing the type of birds to be reared or the cycle length will no longer be a problem. The farmer won't be forced to face expensive investments to adapt the installations to the new requirements. For all these reasons LYRA SKA guarantees reliability, functionality but above all maximum flexibility.

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    "BREEDAZA" The linear trough feeder for layers and breeders

  • Fully tested in cages and on the floor
  • 300 mt. long circuits
  • One single motor and loading point throughout the circuit
  • Equal, controlled and immediate distribution throughout the line
  • Drastic reduction of animal day feeding times




  • Can be used from the first day of life of the animal
  • Different level regulations for separate feeding
  • Easy cleaning and no residual feed inside the trough


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