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Structures and Slats for Nests

Aries and Orion SKA slats are made of pure polypropylene, very easy to clean and resistant to wear, to the differences in temperature and chemical agents. They have a self-supporting structure which only needs narrow steel bearers at 90 cm, protected and kept clean by the interlocking slat connections. Easy and quick assemble and dismantle.

Aries is famous for its special characteristics:

  • anti-slip surface
  • excellent perching for the birds
  • remarkable grip for the front claws, which easily grasp the ergonomic structure of the slat
  • birds can easily walk in any direction, thanks to the three bridges across every slot
  • very hygienic surface with excellent filtration which avoids any build-up of manure.
  • Orion is the ideal solution for houses that are meant to be completely equipped with slats, to help rearing and to ensure excellent fertility.

    Its surface features 600 21,5 x 21,5 mm square holes that are 1mm in height, forming a corrugated surface towards the nests.


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