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"AVIO" Communal Central Nests

AVIO is an automatic nest that is designed for both breeders and commercial layers. The care and attention given to the design and building of AVIO provides the hens with a comfortable environment in which to lay their eggs. The nest does not damage the eggs but keeps them safe and clean. The automatic collection system has two main advantages: less labour requirement and less floor eggs. The versatility of the AVIO nest allows it to be positioned back to back along the length of the poultry house. Wherever necessary spaces can be left between the nests to allow for the natural circulation of the birds.

Hens can enter through either side of each block of nest. Eggs are laid onto a special synthetic pad and roll gently into a central collecting channel. Each nest floor has a galvanised wire mesh and a perforated "AstroTurf®" mat, both of which can be easily removed for cleaning. The hens can be prevented from sitting in the nests for too long at any given period of time. Inside each nest there is a mesh panel, which can be automatically advanced with a series of short movements and long breaks alternatively to gently encourage the hens out of the nest. When the panel is fully advanced it prevents entry into the nest during the times programmed by the operator (e.g. during the night). In this way it is possible to maintain a cleaner nest.

The eggs travel along a wide, rigid, polypropylene belt and arrive safely at the designated collection point. The belt speed can be adjusted electronically in accordance with the number of eggs it is transporting. A series of holes in the collecting belt discharge any dirt and ensure that the eggs do not roll during collection. To increase hatchability, it is very important that the eggs cool as quickly as possible. Adequate nest and channel aeration is guaranteed by three things: the mesh floor, numerous holes present in the side walls and finally, a new SKA exclusive, the special raised roof which gives a "chimney" effect.

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Aviary for layers "LIBRA"

LIBRA is the new SKA aviary specifically studied and designed for commercial layer farming.

It enables to rear more birds per square meter of building than a floor rearing system, birds can move freely into the house and, following the norms on commercial layers, LIBRA can easily accommodate up to 18 birds/m2 of house surface.
To better describe the main characteristics of the system, we give the example of one house equipped with 3 lines of LIBRA each line is made by a series of 3 tier elements 240 cm long and 226/214 cm wide, supplied with perches that allow the birds to easily move from one tier to the other one.
In each element there are 2 nest systems on each tier. This way a perfect distribution of the nest in the whole system is guaranteed.
Manure is regularly removed from the house thanks to polypropylene belts 164 cm wide, placed under the floor of each tier, ensuring a safe environment.
Feed is provided from a circuit of chain feeding system FLATLINE for each tier, some perches are assembled on the feed troughs and fresh water is supplied by nipple drinking lines.

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